Whats is Swingr ?

SwingR is a marketing tech platform to help brands connect efficiently with consumers in a WIN-WIN way. We offer a great value proposition to our community of early-adopters to incentivize effortless discovery of new products.

Who are we ?

We are not an e-commerce portal as we are not in the business of retail. we are a unique subscription-based targeted marketing platform offering consumer brands elegant access to a captive & highly-engaged premium base of paid-subscribers.

Why do we exist ?

To offer emerging & deserving brands an equal opportunity to acquire new customers without a big marketing budget. India is a consumption-driven economy & its Rs.256,000 Cr+ FMCG market is witnessing disruption like never before. New brands are emerging with innovative offerings to challenge the status quo & new categories are being created. While, the hyper-competition in the market is good for consumers as they are spoilt for choice, it also gives the big boys an unfair advantage as only they have the deep pockets to buy shelf-space & media inventory.

Emerging brands having a great USP find it tough to communicate that USP to their target audience (both trade as well as consumers). Our objective is to a give a level-playing field to those deserving brands & offer them a fair opportunity to reach out to their target audience, way more elegantly than random sampling techniques & way more efficiently than mass advertising.

We believe consumers should be able to try out their interesting products at a one-time special intro price. If they find value in that product (which we believe they will as we are putting in a lot of efforts to curate), then they might end up becoming regular customers of the brand at full-price.

What is our vision ?

To become the world's most efficient discovery platform loved by millions of consumers.