Frequently asked questions

Is Cash on delivery accepted?

We do not accept Cash on delivery as its not about 1 delivery but monthly deliveries. You need to buy the subscription online using any of the available options like debit cards, credit cards, netbanking, UPI or payment wallets. If you wish to pay for the subscription in cash, you can visit any of our channel partners.

Can I order a product multiple times?

Products once ordered will not be shown as an option as we want you to try new products.

What if I dont like one or two products?

When you try new products, there is a chance you may not like it. To encourage you to take that chance we offer value that’s up to 2 times your subscription cost. 

What if I'm lazy/forget to add products to the hamper?

You’ll get 2 notifications/ SMS reminders every month when it’s time to create your hamper. If you forget we’ll auto-create your hamper based on preferences indicated by you at the time of sign up. It is our duty to make sure that you get what you’ve subscribed for.

Can I buy multiple subscriptions?

1 person can buy 1 subscription only. Unless you wish to gift a subscription to somebody else which we shall be enabling soon.

What if I missed the delivery?

3 delivery attempts will be made after coordinating with you failing which you’ll contacted and you can coordinate the pickup from our delivery partner.

Does the hamper have only food items?

For now, we are selling only the Foodies Hamper Subscription which consists of packaged food products of your interest. But soon, you’ll see different subscriptions with varied assortments.

Will I be able to cancel my subscription?

No, at this point of time you can’t cancel your subscription. 

Can we gift the subscription to someone else?

Currently this feature is not available. It will be enabled soon.

What if I get a wrong product?

Please notify us within 48 hours of delivery at www.feedback.swingr.in

What if I like & want to buy the product?

Happy to introduce you to products that you’d love to buy and we’ve mentioned the list of stores where that product is available on our website. 

What about my data privacy/security?

We take user privacy & data security very seriously & under no circumstances we share your details with brands. We would encourage you to go through our stated policies on http://swingr.in/about/privacy-policy.aspx?

Generally unpopular brands are considered to be unreliable. Why should I trust the quality?

If that was the case, then only advertising would be the barometer of quality & you might not be able to discover deserving brands not advertising. As SwingR is not a one-off but a subscription service, we take utmost care to curate reliable products for you, which are obviously government-certified.

What does this foodie subscription entail?

The hamper is customizable and entails an array of products ranging from snacks, chocolates, biscuits, confectionaries, spices, condiments, grocery, nuts, organic and gourmet products, etc.

How long does it take for the hamper to be delivered?

Irrespective of when you subscribe, your deliveries will happen as per a fixed monthly schedule. You can choose the products in your hamper from 21st to 23rd of a month and it’ll be delivered between 25th to 30th of the same month.

Is it possible to change the delivery address?

If the hamper has already been dispatched, then the address can’t be changed for that month but for subsequent month/s.

What if I don't receive any hamper on time?

That seems like a very remote possibility as your hamper should reach you by the 30th but in case you don’t receive it by then, then you can reach out to us by mailing at support@swingr.in and we’ll promptly revert back with the status.

Can we choose the same product in next month's hamper?

No. Each hamper will contain a different item so that you get to experience variety of products. 

Can I see the products you are offering before buying the subscription plan?

We are continuously hand-picking interesting products for you and as new brands get launched, we will keep bringing the best of those to you. So it would be difficult for you to see the exact set of products you would be getting every month, so well in advance. However, we will show you options every month to choose from.

Are all the products certified/approved?

It’s a pre-requisite that we bring only those products to you that are certified by the appropriate body such as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What if I receive a damaged hamper?

Please do not accept the hamper if it is in a damaged condition and report the issue to us on www.feedback.swingr.in within 48 hours.

Can I tranfer my subscription to someone else?

As of now, the subscriptions are not transferrable.