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Its important to have a great product which caters to the daily needs as well as the aspirations of the well-informed millennial consumer. But its perhaps more important to get the message out to those consumers. After all - Jo Dikhta Hai Wohi Bikta Hai (visibility drives sales).

Creating awareness requires big bucks on media advertising, activations, etc and even thats not enough as there are intermediate steps in the AIDA (Awareness- Interest- Desire- Action) cycle before the consumer reaches out for her wallet.

Sampling is a proven technique as there is nothing as powerful as putting your product in the hands of your potential customer. We have made it 10x More Elegant, 10x More Engaging and 10x More Efficient. Still need 10 reasons to partner with us? Here you go:

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Control Your Own Destiny

No need to depend on retailers to create demand for you when you can promote direct to consumer thru us.

Reach out to High Quality Customers

Tap into a fast-growing community of premium, paid subscribers who’ve demonstrated serious intent to explore interesting new products.

Protect Your Brand Value

Distributing free samples to random people does more harm to your brand image as consumers don’t value unsolicited freebies

Do ‘Surgical Strikes’

Filter your target audience based on Age, Gender, Location, Preferred Channel, Income, Brand Preferences, Attitudes, etc

Reduce your Cost Per Reach

As you don’t have to pay for the place or promoter while distributing thru SwingR, your Cost Per Reach is upto 80% lower versus traditional sampling

Create a Lasting Impression

Today nobody remembers a brand one tries for a few seconds. If one uses a home-delivered sample (+collateral) 4-5 times, the brand recall will be strong

Get Honest Feedback

People don’t share genuine feedback in random sampling. But, we have a mandatory automated process of collecting feedback & rating online which helps you understand

Get Deep Analysis Report

We can segment feedback collected & share analytics to help you identify areas of improvement (if any) & suggest segments or proposition you should focus on in future

Re-target Your Fans

With us, you can retarget subscribers who’ve rated your samples highly & guide them to the nearest channel, incentivize the sale or get them to share on social media